Pat Coleby Information


pat_coleby_bookI'm a firm believer in Pat Coleby's information.  She has revised Natural Horse Care, and the book is even better than before.  The book has more pages and is more detailed with new information.

The only place I've found to purchase the revised edition (for a reasonable price!) is at Holistic Page.  Shipping charges are also reasonable.

I highly recommend everyone buy this book, it's invaluable.  I keep it handy as a reference and refer to it frequently.

For those wanting to know what I feed my horses I've listed it below.



2 Tablespoons Dolomite

1 teas. copper sulfate

1 teas. sulfur

1 teas. raw organic vinegar (Bragg's) 

Free choice kelp meal.


The Dolomite, copper, and sulfur I purchase from the Jolly German (his prices include shipping) and Lancaster Ag (large quantities) their shipping is fast and inexpensive.

Some feed stores carry kelp and most grocery stores actually carry the Bragg's vinegar   The Jolly German also carries kelp (seaweed meal) but is more expensive than feed stores due to shipping probably.